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Cinnamon Honey Cocoghee

Cinnamon toast in a jar! Cinnamon Honey CocoGhee will take you back to your childhood with it's sweet and comforting flavor. "Honey and spice and everything nice."

Garlic + Salt Cocoghee

Versatility is what Garlic + Salt brings to the table. Aromatic, pungent, slightly spicy and ready to add a pop of flavor to whatever you're cooking; Garlic + Salt is a classic combination that is oh, so satisfying!

Mocha Hazelnut Cocoghee

We call this one, "Dangerous!" It's so scrumptious, you'll be tempted to eat it with a spoon! Roasted hazelnut and espresso paired with a hint of chocolate and a touch of salt. Welcome to the "Danger Zone!"

Plain + Simple Cocoghee

Simple is better! Sure to become a pantry staple. Use Plain & Simple just like you would salted butter; Spread It, Saute With It, Bake With It! Gheelicious!

Rosemary Garlic Cocoghee

An aromatic blend of rosemary, garlic and just a touch of salt, this best seller adds a sophisticated flavor to any dish. A new foodie fetish is born!

Vanilla Cardamom Cocoghee

Smooth and creamy, vanilla cardamom is a satisfying blend of warm comfort with exotic hints of cardamom. Spice up your life!