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know your food

We add only a few simple ingredients to our Cocoghee like local honey and organic cacao so you always know exactly what you're eating.

get enerized

Coconut oil is easily digested and quickly converted into sustained energy so you won't crash like you do from sugar or caffeine.

live healthy

Not all fats are bad. Cocoghee provides the right combination of healthy fats your body needs to maintain optimal health. Get the good fats!




Featured products

Garlic + Salt Cocoghee

Versatility is what Garlic + Salt brings to the table. Aromatic, pungent, slightly spicy and ready to add a pop of flavor to whatever you're cooking; Garlic + Salt is a classic combination that is oh, so satisfying!

Cinnamon Honey Cocoghee

Cinnamon toast in a jar! Cinnamon Honey CocoGhee will take you back to your childhood with it's sweet and comforting flavor. "Honey and spice and everything nice."

Mocha Hazelnut Cocoghee

We call this one, "Dangerous!" It's so scrumptious, you'll be tempted to eat it with a spoon! Roasted hazelnut and espresso paired with a hint of chocolate and a touch of salt. Welcome to the "Danger Zone!"